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email signature design in gippsland

Your email signature is just more than your name. It will showcase who you are and what you do. On the other hand, your email signature will make your brand recognizable. That’s why for many companies, it’s one of their branding tools.

Over the past few years, Since we are a well-known Gippsland graphic design team, our office at Leongatha got a number of calls and emails requesting to design email signatures for them. So, we got plenty of opportunities to identify the best design approach for email signatures for each industry.

In this article, we’ll discuss our process of designing email signatures for our clients. So, keep reading, you’ll understand why all the businesses in Gippsland visit us to get their email signature. 🙂

How did we create email signatures for many businesses in Gippsland?

  1. Understanding your business (your stakeholders and your industry)

Well, this is where we win or lose!

This is the main reason for being able to deliver the most suitable, professional email signature for our clients from different industries.

First of all, we’ll have a brief discussion (a call over the phone will work!) with you to understand all about your business.

  1. Identify design elements for your email signature

Our experience will definitely make your email signature professional, but it’ll become attractive thanks to this step.

Since we’ve already identified your business, in this step, we pick unique features of your logo, colors, and font types for the design of your email signature.

  1. Finalize your email signature

With the help of all the details we gathered, now we design your email. We’ll alter the design according to your feedback and after finalizing everything, your next email is ready to go with your new email signature.

Most importantly, our support team will guide you to add your email signature to your email.

At our office in Leongatha, we provide all our services for an affordable price. Satisfying our clients by providing the best service is our main goal, That’s why we keep communicating with you even after we deliver your email signature.

So, if you are interested; contact us now through our email; [email protected]

or ring us on 03 9070 0878.

Or, please fill out the form below and submit it. We will contact you soon.

Why Should you and your employees need an email signature?

Over the decades, we use business cards as a marketing tool whenever we meet our clients, investors, or any other stakeholder.

By the way, with the rapid growth of the digital space, all businesses have already chosen emails as their communication channel.

So, does your business card still work as a marketing tool with emails?

No, never! 🙁

A professional-looking email signature will market you and your business; the same as your business card did.

Sample of an email signature we created for one of our clients who is a marketing expert in Leongatha

Unique with the Business Location

Let’s take a close look at the importance of having an impressive email signature.

At the end of each email you send to your stakeholders, your logo, contact details, and social media links are there. So, the receivers get aware of your brand.

Almost all the email signatures we create comes with social media links of the business of our client. We create these links attractively with different colours and icons. So that; others may tend to click these icons.

Without any doubt, an email with a colorful and professional signature at the bottom will impress your receiver rather than an email with just your name at the end.

Email marketing has become one of the most used marketing tools nowadays. That’s why you should be really competitive when running email marketing campaigns. We’ll give you a small tip! Your sales copy will rise up among your competitors if you use a professional and unique email signature that shows your personality.😉

What includes in a professional email signature?

More importantly, your email signature should not be lengthy and wordy. We highly recommend using icons whenever you can. It will make your email signature more attractive as well as professional.

How to create an email signature? (just 4 steps)

Step 1: Identify your business’s background

Your email signature is a marketing tool, hence, you should have a clear idea about how you are going to showcase your expertise through your signature. For example, if you are a fashion designer, your email signature should reflect how creative and unique you are.

A sample of email signatures we created for a renowned fashion designer in Gippsland

Step 2: Choose colours, typography, and other design elements.

So in your website design, you can use these environmental features; maybe leaves or flowers of  a very common tree in Drouin, etc.

Act as a Marketing Tool

A top-notch website will always support your marketing strategy. It builds a loyal audience for your brand and helps you to improve your market share.

So, through your website, you can promote your products, and without any extra marketing costs.

Are you planning to own a website for your business in Drouin? Call us now! We will help you to unlock your business growth.