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Graphic design in Gippsland is one of the services offered by IT Solutions in Gippsland. 

So, in this article, I will give you a complete guide about how you can get help from a graphic designer to improve your business’s image. 

Graphic design is a combination of skills, training, and experience in typography, photography, illustration, motion design, and other creative arts used to communicate visually.

With our mastery experience, we would like to share all the facts that will help you get the most influential graphic design for your business in Gippsland. Keep reading to find your way!

Is graphic design important to business growth?

Yes. If you use influential graphic design, you can get profitable results without excessive business strategy. Sounds good? Well, before going through graphic design, let’s be aware of who is a graphic designer and what he can do for your business growth.

What is a graphic designer do?

You may be wondering who is a graphic designer. Right?

A graphic designer is a professional who creates graphic design or art to communicate information visually.

How is graphic design in Gippsland profitable for businesses?

So, what do you think about the benefits of using influential graphic design? There are many things. We’ll point out some of the main ones.

Now you know how important good graphic design is to your business. So, how can your graphic designs reap these benefits? Well, let’s take a deeper look at it.

How can graphic illustrations be used for businesses in Gippsland?

Did you know that there are many different ways graphic design can be involved in your business? All right, we will tell you some of the main types among them.

Types of graphic design

Website design

This is your online window used to communicate with customers and third parties. You can quickly grab the market’s attention if your website is rich with influential graphic designs.

We are a trusted Gippsland web design agency. So, both our web developers and graphic designers work together on website development projects to deliver unique websites for our clients.

Recently, our web designers got help from our graphic designers for a number of websites. Foster Primary School website is one of them

Advertising and Marketing design

How about your advertising and marketing campaign for business events? Logo, packaging, letterhead, banners, and more are used to promote your business. Right? If so, you can’t succeed without influential graphic designs.

Not clear? Let us explain them.

  • Logo design:

Your logo should be memorable to your viewers, this is how you can gain brand identity from your market authority. So to create memorable logos, one needs to be creative with clever graphic design.

  • Business cards:

After viewing your business card, the viewer should be impressed to contact your company immediately or keep it safe for later use. For that, the card should contain an influential graphic design that makes it feel valuable.

When designing a business card we always try to maintain professionalism. So, colour palette, typography and design elements are selected carefully to showcase your standard.

Business Card designed by us
A business card designed by us for a CEO

The above example is an example of one of our graphic design services. We used black, white and gold colours with a simple design to represent a luxury service.

Similarly, every marketing and advertising material can impress with prominent graphic designs to make your campaign successful.

Motion graphics and Animation design

Short video clips used as TV commercials, GIF clips, social media, etc. can grab the audience’s attention instantly more than other marketing strategies. So, graphic design plays a vital role in making an impressive video.

When making videos, highlighting the most prominent details within a few seconds is very essential. Well, this needs a bit of experience in video making, especially for marketing purposes.

The above video is one of the videos we created for the edPass visitor management system.

Digital Illustration

A unique illustration is one of the key ways to show your identity. If you create an illustration, remember not to harm the original muse. Otherwise, you may face some ethical issues.

Gum tree design in Foster Primary School website designed by us
gum tree design in Foster Primary School website

What you need to know to create the best digital illustrations

Can any graphic design benefit your business? No, your graphic design should fit perfectly with your business. Would you like to learn how to design the perfect graphic design? Well, let’s see some important things to know about the best graphic design.

4 Basic Elements for Graphic Design

There are several key elements that we should prioritize when creating graphic designs.


A person’s psychological responses may vary according to culture. So, it’s important to consider the audience’s colour associations based on the objectives of your project.

In graphic design, colours fall into three categories: primary colours, secondary colours, and tertiary colours. It’s better to create a colour palette before starting your design part, using the weight use of those colours.

A colour pallete for graphic design
A colour palette we created for the Toora Primary School Website


In your design, you can choose a font or. But remember that, you should give your attention to font size, type, angle, the weight of letters, etc. Because typography will affect the overall mood of a design, so make sure your typography is appropriate for your project goal.

Details about the typography we used for a website
Details about the Typography we used for the Toora Primary school website

To be a perfect and professional design, we usually use a maximum of three fonts and three font sizes per design.


Lines can be used to define shapes, organize information, convey emotion, and imply movement. Therefore, you should be careful how and where you use the selected line in your design.

The above two snapshots are from the Toora Primary School website and the Bair’s Otago Hotel website respectively.

There are many options to choose appropriate lines for your design, such as horizontal, vertical, solid, broken, implied, etc.

As you can see, we have used solid single lines for the school website and solid double lines for the hotel website.


There are two types of shapes, geometric and organic. Geometric shapes can include triangles, squares, cubes, rectangles, circles, ellipses, etc. and organic shapes can include leaves, crystals, blobs, squiggles, etc.

The above two snapshots are from the Foster Primary School website and the Fish Creek Primary School website respectively.

As you can see, we have used organic shapes; which are the Gum tree leaves for the Foster Primary school website and geometric shapes for the Fish Creek Primary school website.

If you can choose suitable and interesting shapes for your design, it will make for a more visually pleasing, attention-grabbing design.

Apart from those key elements, you should also follow some key principles to get a more perfect design.

3 Must Known Principles for Graphical illustrations


You should use the proper weight of every element like font, colour, line, white space, coloured space, etc. that you choose for your design. By using a symmetric you can maintain balance in your design.


The contrast affects the personality of the design. According to experts, the human eye loves to see contrasts, so you should be careful to choose the right colours and give them contrast based on the priority of the goals.

As an example, the auto-selection of the design should be as brighter as other selections should be lighter.


Repetition helps keep the rhythm of your creation going. You can reuse your colours, shapes, and other elements to suit your design.

As a whole, it helps to keep the consistency of your website and all other marketing documents, videos, etc.

5 Best Software Tools for Graphic Design

Is graphic design in Gippsland affordable?

Yes, this is the answer if you are planning to meet us. Because, we always try to work with your budget.

Now you have enough idea about graphic design and getting the best graphic design for your business.

Are you worried about graphic design charges? Worry no more, we offer the perfect graphic design services in Gippsland and the surrounding area at affordable prices to suit all your budgets. Contact us today!