How to Choose Fast, Secure and Reliable Web Hosting

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Are you seeking a good web hosting service for your business in Gippsland? But, don’t have enough idea about web hosting? If so, this is the perfect article for you!

As a business owner, there are must-known facts you should be aware of before choosing a web hosting service. We’ll show you the way to choose fast, secure and reliable web hosting, so you can avoid potential attacks on your online presence that could destroy your business. 

We’ve been a reputed Gippsland web design company for more than seven years. So we have experienced and tried plenty of web hosting services so far. However, with time, we’ve decided to use our own servers. 

What is Web Hosting and How Does It Work?

Web hosting is a service that enables the client to create and maintain a website that is accessible to the World Wide Web (www). It is the place where all the files on your website live.

The primary functions of web hosting are to maintain stable and secure storage space for the client site.

The host stores data on hardware called web servers when a web host provides complex data storage. It will help ease maintenance and access for online users.

What Does Domain Means?

The domain is an essential word when talking about web hosting. So before delving into web hosting let’s discuss domains briefly. According to Google domains,

A domain is the address of your website that people type in the browser’s URL bar to visit your website.

For example, is the domain name of this website. Hope it’s clear now.

Purchasing a domain name is one of the initial steps in making your online presence. There are different types of web hosting services you can choose.

These web hosting services vary in storage capacity, control, server speed, technical knowledge requirement and reliability. 

Types of Web Hosting Services

Shared Hosting

A shared hosting service allows all domains to share the same server resources such as CPU and RAM. It stores your website on the same servers as several other websites.

Best for
Since all resources are shared, the cost is relatively low

Equipped with many useful tools such as website builders, WordPress hosting and the ability to email clients
Not perform well for websites with a large amount of traffic

Most of the time you have to sign up for a multi-year contract for the best version
Entry-level website hosting

Website owners in their beginning stages

Website owners that don’t receive a large amount of web traffic

Dedicated Server Hosting

You are given full access to the dedicated server and your website is the only one stored there. So, you get complete control from security to the operating system.

Best for
The whole server is only for you

Unlimited bandwidth for DreamHost users
Most expensive hosting option

Requires a high level of technical expertise
For those who have high levels of website traffic

Who want complete control of their servers

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

VPS hosting is between a shared server and a dedicated server. That means, the website is still hosted in its own space on the server, even if it shares a physical server with other users.

Best for
A unique web hosting

Provides more customization and storage space

No technical knowledge required
Difficult to handle high traffic levels

Website performance can still be affected by other sites on the server
Website owners who don’t need a dedicated server but want more control over hosting

Advanced users who want specific software and package installations

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting works over a network and enables companies to consume computing resources like utilities. Here, many computers work together, running applications using shared computing resources.

Best for
Allows users to build and maintain their computing infrastructure using as many resources as needed

Less chance of any downtime due to server failure

Only need to pay for what you need, but based on your server configuration
Complex pricing strategies that can be very profitable or incredibly expensive
Website owners who want a high degree of scalability

Who wants to tinker with the server’s configuration

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting plans are available in every hosting option such as VPS managed hosting, shared managed hosting etc. It is likely to be managed, so you get technical services like hardware and software setup and configuration, maintenance, updating and monitoring, etc. with this hosting service.

Best for
The service provider takes care of the day-to-day management of hardware, OS and standardized applications

Many different options to choose from that exactly suit your needs
More expensive than regular hosting plans
Website owners who need someone to take care of website maintenance


Colocation service allows you to rent space in a colocation centre to co-locate your equipment rather than keeping servers in a private data centre or in-house.

Best for
Provides the power, IP address, bandwidth, and cooling systems

Space is rented out in cabinets, racks, etc.
Expensive option
Who wants maximum control over the hardware and software

The following video explains more about different types of web hosting services. So, if you are interested, you can watch it.

Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

As with everything, there are a few things you should consider before choosing the best web hosting option for your business. Let’s point them out.

Besides, you can consider free domain, bandwidth and storage, SSL, pricing and renewal, backup and security for the best choice.

What Makes Any Web Hosting Service a Best One?

Speed, security and reliability are the factors that convert any web hosting service to the best in the market.

Determinants for Fast, Secure and Reliable Web Hosting

Speedy loading of web pages

High accessibility of a website’s content

Quickly fix errors that hinder efficient web hosting (24/7 customer service)
Server space to host the files that make up your website (hardware security)

Networks monitored for security attacks and threats

Login access must use the Secure Socket Shell (SSH) network protocol or equivalent

Physical and digital back-ups for your website

Availability of Content Distribution Network (CDN)
Satisfies both fast and secure factors

Server reliability

Cost for registration and maintenance

E-commerce and email marketing tools

What is the Best Web Hosting for Beginners

If you are a beginner to web development, selecting a web hosting is not a easy task. So, first let’s check what are the main features you should check before purchasing your first web hosting plan.

I added a comparison of several web hosting services for you.

Web hosting
User-friendly cPanel
Fast and reliable performance
24/7 customer support
Needs full payment upfront to secure the best prices
Intuitive in-house control panel
Free daily backups
24/7 support
No free domain
Complex pricing structure
No-fuss dashboard and cPanel-based management
All-inclusive even in the cheapest plan
Good customer support
Servers located in the US only
Automatic add-ons on the checkout page
Free domain and SSL with all plans
User-friendly native interface and cPanel
Servers located in the US only
Beginner-friendly WP website builder
Free domain, SSL, and domain privacy with both plans
Fast and reliable performance test result
Servers located in the US only

Final Words

Selecting a web hosting is one of the main steps of launching a website for your company. So I highly recommend taking some time to choose best out of number of hosting service providers in the market.

If you are a beginners you must go for a service with a hosting that has a simple dashboard and reliable customer service. Then, you can contact them as soon as you face any issue.

As a whole, everyone who are looking for a hosting plan should check the servers location, SSL plans, etc.

We at ITS Gippsland also offer web hosting services for number of businesses in Australia. And we are a trusted hosting service provider with a reliable customer service.

So, if you are interested, you can contact us now.