Web Development of Toora Primary School (Site Redesign)

Project Overview

A craft for a rural school at a vivid location! We created a truly immersive digital experience to match with its incredible view.


Toora Primary School is a small school located in the striking hills of South Gippsland, Victoria. They approached ITS Gippsland to recreate their online presence focusing seamless user experience and attractive design.

In our initial research, we found that their website was not so user friendly. The menu was not navigating the users at all. Besides, the website was not responsive, which is a critical requirement of current websites. 


Home Page

Old Site


Student Welfare

Old Site



Old Site


Child Safe Standard

Old Site



Old Site

Kick off

First things first, we kicked off with a proactive and highly collaborative session with the team from Toora Primary School, which helped us to get a clear-cut idea on what they need.

Then we went through every nook and corner of their website and at the end of the day, the outcome was the proposed website’s sitemap. Without further ado, we submitted our proposal together with the sitemap to the school.

Great! We got the approval.

Here we go!


Stage 1: What was our opening move?

Coffee on the table, the brainstorming session!

With the key requirements explained by the business analyst, the UX designers and the team ideated number of splendid designs. After two or more coffee cups, the colours, font types were finalized. Ah, we didn’t forget to add that wind mills!

Brilliant, the design system and the website wireframe came out very well! (so as we expected)


Stage 2: A Fully functioning clickable prototype.

Then the development team overhaul the project.

Gradually, our initial sketches and ideas were turned into a fully functioning clickable prototype. What is most elegant? The animated wind mill and the logo added life to the website!

By the way, the team was satisfied and happy about the outcome.

So excited to show it to the client!


Stage 3: How we improved with client’s feedback?

As expected the first review session was full of excitement. The client was so exhilarated by the uniqueness of the design. However, they wanted us to do few adjustments.

The changes were done and at the same time, the school provided all the photos required for the website. Awesome, the cute little children gave an awe-inspiring look to the site.

The client gave really good comments at the final review since our outcome was the one that they wanted.

Well done guys!


Stage 4: How important the final touch-up of the website?

Web optimization, the final but crucial stage of web development. If we failed here, all the effort is worthless.

The design of the website was slightly adjusted for mobile and tablet versions in order to match with several limitations of the devices.

At last, Image optimization, Cache management and use of CDN were done to ensure the best user experience.  

Here, another artistry of ITS Gippsland ended!

The new website of Toora Primary School is sure to delight.

tooraps.vic.edu.au_ tooraps.vic.edu.au_2
tooraps.vic.edu.au_Policies.htm 2 tooraps.vic.edu.au_Policies.htm 3
tooraps.vic.edu.au_childsafepolicies.htm tooraps.vic.edu.au_childsafepolicies.htm3
tooraps.vic.edu.au_newsletter.htm tooraps.vic.edu.au_newsletter.htm2

What is most dashing in Toora Primary school’s website?

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