Web Development of This Café

Project Overview

A beautifully crafted e-Commerce website to attract more food lovers! All information they need are just few clicks away.


This Café is located in Gungahlin, Canberra. The delicious food, superior service and appetizing atmosphere of This Café add another reason to all their clients to stop at This Café in their next visit to Gungahlin.

As a new chapter in This café, they were planning to optimize their service through comfortable online ordering and booking. In Addition, they were anxious to establish their brand in digital world.

Kick off

Another new project! this time, a delicious one.

This Café staff contacted us for a consultation to launch their website. As usual, our first meeting with the client drew a big picture of what they need in our mind. Now it’s our turn to paint it.  

A delicious project started with a delicious chat! The Business Analyst and the designers gathered around table and at the end of the day, a luscious design with colour palette, font style, etc. was on the table.

As expected, the client was excited with the prototype we made.

Ingredients are ready, Let’s start cooking!


Stage 1: Reflect the Quality & Craftsmanship through the Design.

The color palette and font style was selected from luxury types to showcase the quality which mixed in every dish and cup of coffee at This Café. Brilliant, a yummy design came up with spoon full of user friendliness.

Stage 2: Establishing the Brand and Continuous Growth.

We used eye catching images from our client to ensure a deep connection between the user and the website so that they scrawl through pages. Besides, we embedded SEO techniques to ensure continuous growth of our client.

More visitors, more sales!

Stage 3: Seamless Ordering and Booking.

The client’s expectation of implementing online ordering was cut and dried! In the website the booking forms, online order portals are just few clicks away from the user. And what’s more comfortable? The forms are clean and simple interfaces.

No delay for starving clients!

Stage 4: All in One Place.

All the services of This Café are reflected in their website. No more worries for the clients for more information. Just “Select & Order” or “Select & Book”!

Stage 5: Stunning Mobile Experience.

Mobile version is a bread and butter for an e-commerce website. We simplified This Café’s mobile version to guide all the tired and starving customers on their way to Gungahlin.

Wind Up

Fire is on!

The client suggested some changes and we did the adjustments just within few days. The client’s feedback was great since the outcome was what they expected.

As the finishing touch, the optimization of the website, cache management were done and CDN was used.

Finally, the flavoursome website is on the plate to serve!

It’s time to wind up another tasteful project of IT Solutions in Gippsland.

What is most dashing in This Café’s Website?

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