Web Development of Foster Secondary College (Site Redesign)

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Project Overview

A fully functional, effective and efficient website that best represents and communicates everything about Foster Secondary College.


Established in 1920, Foster Secondary College boasts a rich history full of serving the local community by providing excellent learning environment and outstanding facilities to students aged 7-12 years.

When the client first approached us for the first time, they wanted us to make their website look modern, user friendly, optimized for search engines & mobile devices. Great! Because we’re good at doing that!

Foster Secondary College is beautiful. It’s surrounded by the hearts of the unspoilt coast Waratah Bay and Sandy Point.

In creating the web design for the school, we wanted to retain this beauty through a digital medium. During the discovery process, we identified that the design of the new website was an important priority to the school.

Kick off

We had our major collaborative session with the management of Foster Secondary College.

The college team did a wonderful job in providing all their requirements which helped our analysts to get a clear picture of the product.

Based on this need, extensive planning and consideration went into making the design very visually appealing with bold colours and big, beautiful imagery.

Not only that, but our website design team created the sitemap with specific goals in mind for each page to keep users moving through the site. Things are falling into place perfectly. We soon got the proposal approved from the college.

Hooray!!! Now it’s time to get to the cool part.


Stage 1: First things first.

We always get excited when we finally execute our plans! This project was no different! Since we’ve done the work on collecting the data on how the site should look, feel and function, we focused on making that vision into a reality.

Our UX team went ahead and created some amazing designs for the site.

One thing we noticed was that in the old site for the Foster Secondary College, the images were outdated. In fact, most of the students who were in the images of the site were already out of school.

We thought it would be best to bring life to the school on a digital platform by photographing the current students in the corresponding locations.

With everyone working together, we got a great design system and a website wireframe that is as good as we expected it to be!

Stage 2: A fully functioning clickable prototype

Our development team could not wait to get their hands on the project as they had big plans! With effective and efficient developing, we were beginning to see our idea and design being transformed into a website that is fully clickable.

We added all the necessary elements to it and Voilà! Our fully functional clickable prototype was complete.

Next up: Showing it to the client and getting feedback!


Stage 3: Making it even better with the client’s feedback

The client loved what we’ve done! Hooray! But as always, they had insights that we could use to make the website even better.

Remember our photography team who wanted to do some great work in taking new photographs for the new website? They did their magic as well. Now, we had a bunch of photos that perfectly told the story of each section of the website.

All the changes that the client required were completed, then it was time for the final review. The client was very happy! Great work team!


Stage 4: And Finally..

We know how important the final touch-ups to a website are.

We wanted t0 optimise the site as best as possible for all electronic devices including mobile phones and tablets.

We kicked off our web optimization plans, and with a few adjustments here and there, we were able to have a website that looks and functions perfectly on all devices. We didn’t forget cache management and the use of CDN as well.

And like that, we at ITS Gippsland were able to fully complete the website for Foster Secondary College! Another exciting project fully completed by us!

What is most dashing in Foster Secondary College’s Website?