Best UX Design Tips for your E-Commerce Website

E-commerce UX design

Is your e-commerce website no longer bringing in sales? No new leads? Here is the solution! Optimize your e-commerce website with UX design. It helps your business grow faster.

Sounds good, Right? No more worry. Today’s article brings all the must-know things you should know about e-commerce UX design in Australia. We are professional e-commerce website designers in Gippsland and surrounding areas with years of experience. So, let’s dive in!

Importance of UX Design in E-Commerce Web Design

An e-commerce website with better UX design practices will bring more sales than others.

We will explain with statistical evidence to get a clearer idea.

Benefits of having the best UX on your e-commerce Website

Outcomes of Bad UX on your e-commerce Website

Now you know how important it is to have a better e-commerce UX design. If you want to design your e-commerce website with UX optimization from a web designer near Gippsland, contact us now! We’ll bring more sales to your business.

So before going through UX design, It is important to know your customer’s journey of using your e-commerce web design. Let’s go through it.

Customer Journey on E-Commerce Website

Every stage of this journey is important for your website design. That’s why we said that UX design is the turning point of your e-commerce website. So, how can you satisfy every customer at every stage of this journey? That’s the job of UX design. Let’s take a deeper look at it.

Customer Journey of E-Commerce Website
Customer Journey of E-Commerce Website

Most Important Principles and Strategies for UX Design in an E-Commerce Website

What is UX Design?

UX design is the process of designing a system or product that provides an excellent and satisfying experience to its users.

Must-Have Principles for UX Design in E-Commerce Website


Designs the nature of the product or system to help users easily find and buy what they want.

In the image below, there are different categories of products in the store. Therefore, users can easily navigate to the product they are looking for.

the design of good e-commerce website that customer can easily find products
This design helps users to easily find and buy what they want


Makes the customer journey clear and easy while avoiding unnecessary clicks, slowly loading pages, complicated menus, etc.


Optimizes the system to be able to use any type of users, such as people with disabilities (colour blindness, dyslexia, etc.) or those with less technical knowledge.


Provides an enjoyable user experience that keeps them coming back.

What Strategies Make Better E-Commerce Website UX Design?

The following diagram shows the homepage we created for the edPass website. The home page includes all the details about the functions of the app, testimonials, contact details, etc.

A better UX design for ecommerce website
This website developing using above discussed strategies


The user experience is really important for an e-commerce website. Because, better UX practices will convert the website visitors to customers seamlessly.

If the web developer consider the consumer behavior in a digital environment together with the UX design concepts, he can deliver a high converting e commerce website.  

Following are more tips you can try to ensure your e commerce website gives the best user experience.