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Are you looking for a custom logo design for your business at Gippsland? Want to embark on your brand identity? If so, this article is for you!

Before hiring your logo designer, there are many things to consider. Let’s talk about it with our expertise in logo and graphic design knowledge and experience in Gippsland and surrounding areas.

How Can a Logo Help the Branding Strategy of Gippsland Businesses?

Although a logo is only one part of developing your brand, it is one of the most important and embarks steps toward brand development strategy.

Why do we say so? Let’s take a deeper look.

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5 Principles to Create a Unique and Memorable Logo for Gippsland Businesses

We are going to share the 5 most important principles that we use for a perfect logo design that is unique to our client’s business and memorable to their customers.

1.  Keep Your Design Simple

Since your logo is applied to your business transactions and documents such as letterhead, websites, blogs, business cards, banners, etc., we should simply design it to suit any different purpose of our business.

Besides, we compare your competitor’s logo designs and make your logo unique.

2.  Choose Colours Strategically

Do you know that there is something called “Colour Psychology”? Simply, there is a meaning for each colour and the colours can influence people’s feelings.

Therefore, you should pay more attention when choosing colours for your logo to make your business appealing, memorable and unique in the mind of the viewer.

small business logo designed by us

Logo of edPass visitor management system designed by us

For this logo, we used two red shades. In colour psychology, red implies that you need to act fast. edPass is a visitor management system that helps visitors to sign in very quickly. So, to represent that, we used red colour.

Remember not to choose too many colours, but choose two or three colours that have strong psychology with related businesses and the culture.

Also, make sure your logo is good for the black-and-white colour combination.

3. Use the Appropriate Typography

Right typography can quickly grab the attention of the viewers and improve the company’s image.

Even though it is necessary to be creative, it should not compromise your business’s professionalism. So, choose the right font and size to create your memorable logo.

4. Make sure the Balance of Your Design

A logo is a symbol that tells your whole story in secs. So, it should have a sense of balance between colours, shapes, typography, and space in the entire symbol.

5. It Should be a Long-Lasting Design

If you want your logo to give a lasting impression of your business, your logo design should be modern but not detract from the historical value of your business and your area.

It should be unique but not outdated. Because a business logo should last a long time.

If your logo design also follows those 5 principles, we can ensure that you have a strong foundation for your brand identity. Because our clients are already reaping many benefits from our logo designs.

Are there Different Types of Logo Designs?

Yes, there is. It depends on the graphic design levels, special features, and purposes. Let’s see some of them with our work to be more clear.

Combination Mark Logo

A logo that combines visual components and a word mark. In that case, the visual component may be on top, below, or to the side of the wordmark.

Wordmark Logo

A wordmark logo visualizes the brand name using different stylized fonts.

Symbol or Pictorial Logo

It is designed with graphics that visually represent your brand identity. In there, icons, shapes, or illustrations can be used to make your business unique.

Animated Logo

Any type of logo can be animated but if you have no prior knowledge of animation, it is better to hire a professional logo designer. This logo type help to make your design look lively and attractive.

Designing a Logo Unique to Your Gippsland Business

Just as important as your logo design is to your business, it is also important that it is unique to your business purpose. It helps viewers easily identify your business offerings like food, educational purposes, health-related businesses, etc.

Are you curious to know what a logo should look like for your business purpose? Let us show some business areas.

Logo design for Gippsland Schools

For educational purposes, values unique to your school and the location area should be considered.

Designing logos for Cafés, Restaurants, and Hotels in Gippsland

For the hospitality and food industry, the food and historical values surrounding the company should be highlighted.

Logos for Gippsland Travel Agencies

For the travel or tourism industry, it would be better if you could come up with a better creative design about the special facilities, the wide range you can offer, or the local uniqueness.

Likewise, whatever your business purpose, your logo can be designed to be unique and memorable. If you want to start your brand identity with your logo, contact us today! We create a customized logo design that is unique to your business and memorable to your viewers.