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Are you thinking about creating a letterhead for your business? Having trouble finding a professional-looking letterhead design? Don’t worry. We assure you, it will be like a piece of cake with this article.

We are a team from a professional Gippsland graphic design company that has delivered a number of letterhead designs for clients. So, don’t worry, we’d like to share our experience with you. So that, you can create your own letterhead with us or by yourself (well, you need certain skills as well).

First of all, let me introduce our letterhead design service at ITS Gippsland, Leongatha.

How do we design a letterhead for you?

When we get a request to design a letterhead; we never jump into the design at once. Instead, we take some time to sort out a few things and get a clear picture of your business in our heads.

  1. First, we’ll have a meeting with you to discuss your business, your clients, and everything we should know to plan the concept of the design. (No worries, you don’t have to come to our office in Gippsland for this. We can discuss them over the phone or in a zoom meeting.)
  2. Then, our designers start initial works; such as finalizing the colour palette, typography, shapes, etc.
  3. Next, we will send you the first sample of the letterhead we designed. At this point, we confirm whether we are on the right path.
  4. After we get your feedback. We’ll alter the design accordingly and contact you for the second review.
  5. At last, we’ll finalize your letterhead and send you all the printable and typable versions.

What will you get in our letterhead design service package?

  1. Ready-to-print pdf file.
  2. A word template in which your letterhead design is embedded.

Our service is affordable and quick. As well as, we have a great customer service and support team who will respond to all your enquiries within a few minutes.

So, if you want to get your letterhead designed, contact us now through our email; [email protected]

or ring us on 03 9070 0878.

Why a letterhead is important for your business?

Why do you think your business needs a letterhead? That’s spot on. 

A letterhead is as important to your company as your brand because it represents your company. So the design of your letterhead can affect the first impression on your potential customers.

Besides, it is necessary while representing business and legal communication documents to build credibility and brand recognition.

However, just having a letterhead will not get you good results. It is based on the quality of your letterhead. Fine, let’s look at the consequences of having a poor-quality letterhead vs. a good-quality letterhead.

Good-quality letterhead
Poor-quality letterhead
Make your business stand out in your market.
People might assume the business is less competent.
Grab your potential customer’s attention.
Difficult to grab the attention of your customers.
Increase brand recognition and credibility.
It shows less professionalism and hence credibility will also decrease.

Consequences of having a poor-quality letterhead vs. a good-quality letterhead

So, now you know how important it is to have a good quality letterhead for your business. Agreeable, let’s see how to create a letterhead. Make sure to go through all the tips and steps to get better output.

Things you should know before starting to design your letterhead

Before we create a letterhead for our client, we always prepare for the design. It gives a better quality product. So we strongly recommend following our process when creating a letterhead.

  1. Identify the background of your business

The first thing we do is study the background of the client’s business. It includes the target audience, logo design, branding and reputation of the company, etc.

Consequently, you can get a proper idea about the business and create a more suitable letterhead freely. And also, it will be profitable for your business.

  1. Create a color palette for your design
A colour palette which we used to design a letterhead of a school in Gippsland

Matching a color for the letterhead is a very critical thing. Therefore, we are always careful to create a color palette before creating a letterhead. 

A color palette is a collection of colors that you hope to use for your letterhead. You can use a free online tool to create a color palette. I’ve listed some free tools below.

Besides, keep in mind to focus on the colors of your company logo when choosing colors. Because the logo always goes with your letterhead.

  1. Determine the typography 

Typography gives a good impression on your letterhead. So, we give our attention to the typography before the designing part. It includes font size, font type, font colours, etc. Typography may vary depending on your business and your market standard.

  1. Choose an appropriate tool to create your letterhead

All right, now we have covered the basic tips in our pre-process. So the last one is to choose the most suitable tool for designing your letterhead. It depends on your IT infrastructure, knowledge level, and the time you can spare.

A letterhead designed for a small business in Gippsland
Snapshot of a letterhead we designed for a travel agency in Gippsland

Tools you can use to design letterheads

As professionals in this field, we can recommend the most suitable tools that you can easily use. 

Adobe Photoshop

Special Features:

Ease of use: Difficult

Recommended RAM requirements: 16GB or more


Special Features:

Ease of use: Moderate

Recommended RAM requirements: 4GB


Special Features:

Ease of use: Moderate

Recommended RAM requirements: 4GB

Ms Word

Special Features:

Ease of use: Simple

Recommended RAM requirements: 4GB

What should a professional letterhead look like?

So far, we have discussed how to create a letterhead. Well, now that you know how to do it, next we focused on the appearance of your letterhead.

What do you think the letterhead should look like? Yes, it should look professional. Because we use our letterhead for our professional transactions. 

To be professional, your letterhead should include the followings;

A letterhead designed for a travel agency in Gippsland
Snapshot of a letterhead we designed for a small business in Leongatha

In addition, we recommend several standards for designing a professional-looking letterhead.

Recommended Standard (for Australia)
A4, 210mm x 297mm
Typeface: Open Sans , Font sizes: 10pt, 12pt, 14pt, 16pt
Paper Type
Brilliant White 80 lb. Linen Text Natural White 80 lb. Linen Text Standard 70 lb. White Premium 24 lb. Ultra White

Features of a professional-looking letterhead

7 Bonus tips to make your letterhead more attractive

Since you were here till the end, here are some bonus tips to take your letterhead to the next level!

  1. Use images meaningfully to tell the story of your brand and target audience.
  2. Scale an element of your logo or another recognizable graphic to use as an abstract artistic element or pattern.
  3.  Keep it simple and clear, balancing the space well.
  4. To brighten up a black-and-white design, you can choose one major color as an accent.
  5. Repeat your chosen colors and shapes.
  6. Use a watermark to get a more prestigious look.
  7. Maximize your logo with nice balancing as a decorative element.

At our office in Leongatha, we deliver the best letterhead for you with the help of 10 years of experience in graphic designing and all these steps and tips which were discussed in the article.

Final Words

Here is the most professional guide on How to Design a Letterhead for your business or personal use. So, in this article, we have clearly explained the information you must know and the steps you must follow to create a good-quality letterhead. 

We hope, you enjoyed this article and learned how to create the perfect letterhead. So, to be more attractive don’t forget to follow our 7 bonus tips!