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Would you like to create a prestigious website for your school in Gippsland? Or thinking of changing your existing website to its next level? You may be wondering how to do that.

With our 8+ years of experience in Gippsland web design, we’ve delivered many websites for schools in Leongatha, Foster, Sales, Welshpool, Wonthaggi, Inverloch, Thorpdale, Poowong, and much more cities in Gippsland.

So, why did they trust us? Keep reading, You’ll know why! 

How a Gippsland School Web Designer will help you?

Well, an experienced school web developer in Gippsland will deliver the perfect website that will bring plenty of benefits to your school.

To be more clear, we will highlight the most important benefits you can get from a perfect school website.

Well, now you have an idea why you should have a website for your school in Gippsland. 

However, never forget, these benefits can only be obtained from the most attractive, well-maintained, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, and professional-looking school websites. Otherwise, it will not represent your school as it is.

Our Gippsland School Websites Portfolio

Over the past years, our team of web developers helped many schools around Gippsland to launch their school websites. Our portfolio includes primary school website designs, secondary school website designs as well as specialist school website designs that we delivered for Gippsland schools.

We always plan the design of your school’s website to showcase your school’s appearance and special features. Apart from that, we pay more attention to using best SEO practices while keeping user-friendliness. 

More importantly, you can communicate with our support team to know the progress of your website and for any of your suggestions. 

The best thing is, both our web designers and graphic designers work together to come up with illustrations that make your website unique.

So, are you thinking of contacting us to get a consultation on your school website? By the way, for a limited time, we don’t charge for our consultation. 

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Can a Gippsland School Web Designer Make Your School Web Design Look Professional?

Yes. Because they are the people who know more about the Gippsland community and how things are going here. 

So, what will make your school website look professional? 

School Website Content; Must have for Gippsland School Website

Every school website should include the following pages to be of a high standard.

The first page of your website, so it should be able to bring the best first impression for your website users and provide a great summary of your school.

This page should provide a clear understanding of your school’s history, values, and other important things that affect your school’s brand image.

It should consist of providing more than one way to communicate with your school. Make sure all the contacts mentioned are up-to-date and reliable.

We recommend an email address, mobile phone number, your location (a google map will add more value) and a contact form to this page.

Information about your school’s both academic and non-academic staff, departments, and curriculum should be visible on these pages.

It should show the way of your enrolment process, and all prospects for students.

This is for showing your school’s live status, special events, and other important news.

In addition, your school website should contain links to your social media accounts, virtual tours, and students and staff portals (Compass, Sentral, etc.)

Gippsland School Web Design Trends

Now, we are going to discuss the trends in Gippsland school web designs.

Well, recently, we get plenty of requests to design more “active” website; with eye catching illustrations and animations.

So, to go with this trend and your budget, our team goes with three web design types for Gippsland schools. This classification was done based on the level of design and use of animation in the website.

Types of web designs for Gippsland schools

1. Design Type 01: Modern and Animation Full Design

The website looks interactive and “alive,”. It includes visual effects, animation, white space, playing cursors, a mouse cursor that is changing its form and color, or even animations.

Example school website: Foster Primary School

snapshot of Foster Primary School website designed by us
snapshot of some web pages of Foster Primary School website

2. Design Type 02: Minimalistic, Clean, and Prestige Looking Design

Look more professional and credible, make users focus on the content, uncluttered, simple, easy to parse, and more white space, keep a low number of products on display, and use fewer colors.

Example school website: Lyndale Secondary College

snapshot of Lyndale Secondary College website designed by us
snapshots of some web pages of Lyndale Secondary College website

3. Design Type 03: Basic Minimalistic Design

Special Features: More straightforward simple design, no animations but looks professional and elegant. 

Example school website: Chum Creek Primary School

snapshot of Chum Creek Primary School website designed by us
snapshots of some web pages of Chum Creek Primary School website

Gippsland School Website Inspiration

Well, so far we discussed our process of developing school websites for Gippsland, must-have content for school websites and our design types.

Now, may be you are looking for a design inspiration for your school website. If yes, please have look on our portfolio.