A Website in Minutes: One and Only Website Builder for Anyone

In this article, I’m going to share how you can choose the best website builder for your small business. I will do a comparison among the most used website builders in Australia.

For the past 7+ years, I noticed that the business websites around Gippsland were developed using only three types of website builders; WordPress, Wix and Weebly (there are more, but these three were the most popular)

So my comparison will be limited to these three.

What is a website builder

Thanks to website builders, you can build your own website even without having a better knowledge of how to code. 

They come with templates, drag-and-drop capabilities, and other user-friendly tools; which help users to develop their websites without any code. By the way, these website builders come with limitations too.

Why Website Builders are Important for Small Businesses

Even though there are limitations to using a website builder, some small businesses find a website builder is more beneficial than hiring a web developer.


A website builder is normally cost-effective than seeking support from a web developer.

Ease of use

The features in website builders are easy to learn and use. So, even without proper knowledge on coding, you may use a website builder to develop your website.

E-commerce capabilities

There are very popular website builders like Shopify which help you to build an e-commerce website. 


Website builders include in-built templates that can be used for our websites. In addition, there are drag-and-drop tools for most web builders. So all these features will help you to save a number of hours of web development.

SEO optimization

Most website builders have options to keep track of SEO performance of your website. So as a small business owner, you may find this really helpful to expand your audiance.

Limitations of Using a Website builder

As I said at the beginning, there are some limitations of using a website builder. 

What to Consider Before Choosing a Website Builder for a Small Business

Should I Choose a Website Builder or Hire a Web Developer?

Before answering this question, I will share a checklist with you that will help you to decide whether to use a website builder or go for a web development agent.

First, determine what you expect from your website.

Identifying what you expect from your website id really important. because at this point, you can decide whether you can handle your website yourself just with a website builder or you should seek help from an expert.

For example, if you want to communicate with your audience through your website, then you have to add forms to your website.

Or maybe, you expect to sell your products through your website. If this is the case, your website should be connected to payment gateways. 

Likewise, you can identify what are the features needed in your website.

After making a list of these expected features, you can check them one by one to decide whether to develop the website yourself just with a website builder or go for a web developer.

Want a Unique Website or a Generic One?

If you are okay with a more generic website with simple features, you definitely can use a website builder like Wix to develop your website by your self.

However, if you are familiar with web development, you can use a web builder like WordPress to develop your website.

But, if you want your website to be more unique and mesmerising, then I recommend you to hire a web developer. Because they are more familiar with designing as well as coding.

Most Used Website Builders in Australia

As per my experience, there are three most common website builders in Australia; WordPress, Wix and Weebly. There are many Australian businesses that sell their products online through wix websites. 

I added screenshots of the dashboard of each of the three website builders below.

By the way, for all these 7+ years in the industry, I have been using WordPress for nearly 99% of my projects. There are a number of reasons for WordPress being my favourite website builder.

Why WordPress is the Best Website Builder for Me?

As I said, there are many reasons for me to prefer WordPress over other website builders.

More importantly, I can develop any type of website like a blog site, a business website, an e-commerce website, or even a membership website.

Apart from this, following reasons also make to go with WordPress all the time.

There are a number of free plugins which you can use to develop a website with many premium features. You can watch the following video to get an idea about those plugins. 

In this video, he explained 12 free WordPress plugins. Hope you could select a few out of these 12 for your website.

Some Websites I built Using WordPress

Type of Website
Website Features
Bairs Hotel
Hotel Website
Visually appealing
Contact over the phone
Integrated social media to the website
Foster Primary School
School Website
Animated logo
Frequently uploading newsletters
Lyndale Secondary College
School Website
Visually appealing
Horizontal navigation
Frequently uploading newsletters
Blog Site
Clean and user-friendly templates
The Sri Lounge
Restaurant Website
Visually appealing
Video backgrounds
Table booking via website
WHPH Active
E-commerce Website
Purchasing products online
Managing stock levels

How to Build a WordPress Website

Building a WordPress website is not rocket science. Even a beginner can handle the process.   

I have embedded a video that you can watch and get an idea to build a website.


There are many website builders you can use to develop a website. Some website builders are easy to use and even you can build your own website without seeking help from a professional developer.

However, the bad thing about website builders is, there are many limitations to customising your website.  

So, if you want a unique website with many premium features, I recommend hiring a web developer rather than building the website yourself.

When we are talking about the degree of customising a website in website builder, I strongly believe that WordPress is the no.1 Website builder. It is easy to use, safe, and there are number of free plugins add features to your website. On top of that, WordPress is totally FREE.

By reading this article, I hope that you had enough knowledge to decide whether to hire a web developer to design your website or not. 

Furthermore, hope you understand why WordPress is the best website builder out there.

FAQs About WordPress

Yes, it’s a free website builder. And there are a number of free templates as well as plugins that you can use to develop your website. 

Yes, the dashboard of WordPress is very simple to use. So even a beginner can build his first website using WordPress.

No, you can build a WordPress site even without coding. However, you can move your website to its next level by using codes.